Marine Automation

  • New equipment installation and commissioning
  • Generator Control and Electrical Control
  • AVR- Automatic Voltage Regulators
  • ACB Overhauling, Servicing and Testing
  • Switchboard Commissioning and Testing
  • Calibration Services of all Meters
  • Electronic and Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Inert Gas(IG) Control Systems
  • Pump Room Gas Monitoring Systems
  • Cargo Tank/Pump Temp Monitoring Systems
  • Cargo and Ballast Tank Gauging system
  • Draught and Ballast Gauge Monitoring System
  • Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring System
  • Fixed Gas Detection Systems
  • Tank Level Gauging Systems 
  • High Level Alarm System for Cargo Tanks
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Engine Maneuvering Systems, Engine
  • Safety & Protection Systems
  • Engine Room Bilge Alarm Systems
  • Bilge Alarm Systems for Pump Room
  • Boiler Control Systems
  • Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Oil Water Separator and PPM
  • Monitors(Bilge Oil Content Monitors)
  • AIS & SSAS Systems and Engine Efficiency 
  • Atmospheric Oil Mist Detection Systems
  • 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors
  • Oily Water Separators
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Navigation, Public Address & Intercom Systems
  • Calibration of Temp and Pressure Instruments etc

Industrial/Home Automation


  • Electrical Panel Supply and Installation
  • Servicing and Calibration of Panels 
  • Control Panel Servicing & Maintenance 
  • Generator Maintenance 
  • Generator Synchronizing & Load testing
  • Alternator / Motor  service
  • Cable IR Test ( HV Test )
  • Transformer Servicing Of Industries
  • Power Saving Services
  • Annual Maintenance Of Generator, Control Panel
  • Calibration –  Elect. Pneumatic & Hydraulic insts
  • Fire Alarm System Installation & Maintenance
  • Gas Alarm System Installation & Maintenance
  • CCTV / Access Installation & Maintenance
  • Capacitor Bank/, Battery Bank  Servicing 
  • Thermography Testing
  • Rental Services ( Testers Equipment )
  • Supply Of   Spares


  • CCTV
  • Access Control Systems
  • Security Systems



Multimeters, Ammeters

Frequency Meters, Clamp Meters

Earth Resistance Meters

Resistance Box, Clamp meters

Voltmeters, Process Meters

Insulation Testers, Torque Wrenches

Gas Analyzers and Detectors

Portable & Fixed Gas detectors

Oxygen Analyzers. Toxic Gas Detectors

Gas Detecting Alarms, Clamp meters

Single / Multi Gas Detectors

Combustible Gas Detectors 

Breath Alcohol Detectors


Valves of all mediums

Pressure Switches

Dead Weight Testers

Pressure Relief Valves

Micro manometers

Vacuum Gauges

Glass Thermometers

Dial Thermometers

RTDs, UTI Tapes

Temperature Calibrators

Pressure Transmitters/Transducers

Pressure Calibrators

Pressure Chart Recorders

Digital Manometers

Vertical / Inclined Manometer

Pressure Regulators

Digital Thermometers

IR Thermometer


Liquid Baths

Petroleum Gauging Thermometers etc…